Bingo – Drive-In Tuesdays & Saturdays

Play Drive-In Bingo from the comfort of your car, truck or SUV in the Pleasanton OTB Parking Lot.

Get the live game call over your FM radio and watch the ball camera LIVE on Zoom with your smartphone or tablet. And HONK long and loud for BINGO!

It’s like a drive-in movie with BIG cash prizes.


Bingo Gold Tuesday Strip Night at Pleasanton OTB!

Buy in: $70
2 packs of 10 Strips paying $1,000 each
4 Specials Games Pack, includes:

  • Triple Time ($750/$1,000)
  • American Heroes ($1,000/$2,000)
  • Broadway ($1,000/$2,000)
  • Wonder Woman ($1,000/$2,000)

Flash pays up to $2,398 and is sold separately.

Parking lot opens at 5pm. Games start at 6:30pm.


Saturday Strip Drive-In!

Buy-in: $45

  • 2 packs of 10 Strips paying $750 each
  • $5 Early Bird & Carpool Discounts\
  • Up to $50,000+ in prizes!
  • Specials & Flash available as an Add-On purchase online or in the parking lot.

Parking lot opens at 4:30pm. Games begin at 6:30pm

ATM and Indoor Restrooms onsite.

Advance sales are available on the BD Bingo Pleasanton website at