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Turf Club Café is a full service restaurant; reservations are accepted

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Starting Gate Grill

Starting Gate Grill

The Starting Gate Grill is located in the main room and offers a variety of tasty entrees and snacks to take back to your table or viewing area. The menu includes favorites such as our Original French Dip, Philly cheesesteak, BLT, patty melt, club sandwich, Angus burger, homemade chili, Buffalo wings, nachos and more. Beer & wine also served.

February Daily Specials

Daily Specials

Thursday 2-09-23

Vegetable soup

Friday 02-10-23

NE clam chowder

Tuna melt sandwich w/soup

Green salad w/avocado tuna on top

Saturday 2-11-23

Italian wedding soup

Huevos rancheros w/ refried beans

Chicken quesadilla w/ cream & salsa

Sunday 2-12-23

Butternut cream soup

Pulled pork hamburger w/ potato salad

Alfredo fettuccini pasta w/ chicken/ garlic bread

Thursday 2-16-23

Beef vegetables soup

Friday 2-17-23

NE clam chowder

Po’boy sandwich

Pesto alfredo tortellini w chicken/garlic bread

Saturday 2-18-23

Chicken rice soup

BLT sándwich w/fríes

Green mix roasted Apple salad w/ chicken

Sunday 2-19-23

Beef barley soup

Corn beef sand w/chocrut & provolone cheese/ choice side

Thursday 2-23-23

Minestrone soup

Friday 2-24-23

NE clam chowder

Deviled salad sandwich w/ choice side

Pineapple bacon cheese burger w/ choice side

Saturday 2-25-23

French onion soup

French deep w/ fries

Linguini pasta w/ meatballs /marinara sauce & garlic bread

Sunday 2-26-23 

Cream of broccoli

Chicken flautas (4 ea.) shred lettuce, salsa, cream



The Turf Club offers racing fans a more private club environment along with a full-service dining area. Our menu includes garden fresh salads, omelets, homemade soup, burgers, hot & cold sandwiches, all-day breakfast items and daily specials. Enjoy beer, wine and cocktails at the Club bar.

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Turf Club Cafe